Terrible news for projects like NFT Worlds, which are just a layer on top of Minecraft. Their token price and NFT floor prices have both crashed more than 70% on the news.

@web3isgreat "models of scarcity and exclusion that go against the spirit of Minecraft" oh like mandating a Microsoft Account which will often accuse you of "suspicious behaviour" then require you to hand over a phone number?

@web3isgreat See not everything has to be blockchain. Even a game of blocks does not need blockchain.

@waimus @web3isgreat
Redstone engineers been doing chains with blocks for over a decade now without a single scandal :jeb:

@web3isgreat i was beginning to get scared, since everybody is hopping on that bandwagon.

@web3isgreat not minecraft denouncing NFTs to make everyone forget about the chat reporting system that can get you banned for cursing on your private server lmao

@web3isgreat just like any other open source project similar or based on the game's code, it's Microsoft after all

@web3isgreat dont like that "generally" at the beginning. Or really the end but that's feels less like "work with us to make your nft/crypto compliant" at the beginning.

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