This is the second forest fire started by the same company in the same location in the past month, though this one is much larger than the first, 20-hectare (50-acre) fire.

@web3isgreat How are these guys so *bad* at... *checks notes* ...doing things!?

@web3isgreat I hope the plant trees for the CO2 resulting from this fire. Otherwise this is pure fraud.

More cleared land to plant trees for carbon credits. Where's the
roblem? /s

@web3isgreat so they're going to hire another carbon offsetting company to offset their carbon footprint, right?

@wydamn @web3isgreat

Oh wow. That would be ... carbon offset as a pyramid scheme

Come to think of it, this is exactly the thing one would expect them™ to come up with.

I wonder how much of the existing carbon offset *is* based on future promises 😟

@quincy @web3isgreat exactly what I was thinking. I imagine some of these carbon capture companies are just doing the very basics just to say "this number is trees is this value in subsidies/carbon credits so pay up please". And of course running large hydraulics and shipping trees with trucks to do it and not factoring that in. Meanwhile other companies are researching biochar and enhanced weathering tech for effective carbon capture.

@web3isgreat ok, like wow. Just wow. where to start with this, like putting out fire with gasoline

@web3isgreat ah, yes, the craptocurrency grift continues.

Used to be that after a wildfire, volunteer orgs would surge people into a burn scar for a mass replanting effort. I was a member of a couple of those surges when I was in Scouting. Good exercise, camaraderie, and some beautiful scenery.

Too bad it's not done any more.

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