Joining Mastodon, trying to choose a cool instance, _and then dealing with the consequences of getting that first choice wrong_ is the major pain of this Proboscidean platform.


me: cool.
[5 seconds pass]
me: but that's where everyone is. I want a cool instance.
me: ooooh, [signs up]
me: bored now
[forgets mastodon]
[time passes]
[returns to mastodon]
me: urgh,
[looks again]
[finds another instance]
me: this is it now
narrator: She looked content, but the desire to set up her own private instance was stronger than she ever suspected...

Anyway, hello, I'm here to shitpost and to drive the grater of technology across the cheese of my soul. and just @whalecoiner everywhere really.

@whalecoiner My first instance is gone now too after I also took a break. All posts and follows gone.
Like you, the urge to spin up my own closed instance is pretty strong

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