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@en I found the SQLite documentation about CTEs very helpful:

If you need an example for CTEs in SQLite, I wrote a Brainfuck interpreter using them:

... or this one and stick it over the tag. The sticker covers the tag and thus hides it and protects it from mechanical damage. And that was all! [11/11]

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Put the NFC tag on the right spot on the car mount. Find out where it is by placing the written tag on different spots on the back of your phone. [9/11]

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This is the app you want to activate. In any case, write the activation action to the NFC tag. [8/11]

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On this screen, either enter the package name of the app manually or choose the app from the list of the installed apps. [7/11]

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You will see the list of all available actions. Press "Start app" button. [6/11]

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You can write one of many different kinds of actions onto the tag using an appropriate combination of hardware and software, in this case your Android phone and the NFC TagWriter app. [4/11]

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... and NFC tags, one of them paper-thin. It would just fit onto a car phone mount. [2/11]

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Do you want to activate mode on your automagically when placing it into the car mount using tag? Then look no further! 🚗📱 😎 [0/11]

@m2m @tdarb @joel Why not simply add a stylesheet (be it CSS or XSLT) to the feed file to create a list of links? You could make the feed the default file then.

Based on my previous "RSS-based" blog discussion, I've decided launched something for fun:

> A shinobi website is a text-based, RSS focused blogging "system".

Plain text files served directly in the browser - and your subscribers will only know of new posts via RSS (or if you decide to share the "secret" link!)

#rss #blog #plaintext


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