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INDIEWEB.SOCIAL is a #Mastodon-based Fediverse instance that is a home for those who build, study, promote  - or are just fascinated by - a wide variety of #openweb, #indieweb, #federated and #humanetech practices, and technologies.

We seek to promote innovation and shared evolution and promotion of such technologies as well as to offer this instance itself as a platform to experiment with integration and early implementations of these.

We will build out here what we hope to see elsewhere: offerings to federate, interoperate, and build bridges to transition in parallel. And to encourage an open, cross-platform discussion of how to support and build this together across many diverse projects and technologies.

Who to follow?

Here are some openweb and related profiles acros the Mastodon Network we recommend:

OpenWeb and Fediverse Voices

Mastodon @Mastodon@mastodon.social

Eugen @Gargron@mastodon.social

Flockingbird @flockingbird@fosstodon.org

Darius Kazemi @darius@friend.camp

PixelFed @pixelfed@mastodon.social

Funkwhale @funkwhale@mastodon.eliotberriot.com

CryptPad @cryptpad@social.weho.st

FreedomBox @freedomboxfndn@mastodon.social

Nextcloud @nextcloud@mastodon.xyz

IndieWeb Voices

Aaron Parecki  @aaronpk@aaronparecki.com

Manton Reece  @manton@manton.org

Ton Zijlastra @ton@m.tzyl.nl

Jonathan LaCour @cleverdevil@mastodon.social

Fluffy @fluffy@queer.party

Kevin Marks @KevinMarks@xoxo.zone

Jacky Alcine @jalcine@playvicious.social

Gerry McVerry @jgmac1106@mastodon.social

Humane Design, and Calm User Experience Voices

Humane Tech Community @humanetech@mastodon.social

Security and Privacy Voices

privacytools.io @privacytools@social.privacytools.io

Privacy International @privacyint@mastodon.xyz

Qwant.com @Qwant@social.privacytools.io

ThinkPrivacy.io (Dan Arel) @danarel@mastodon.technology

Yale Privacy Lab @privacylab@mastodon.social

Electronic Frontier Foundation (Unofficial) @eff@mastodon.social

This list will be growing over time. Want to recommend new voices?