I've got a question about the Fediverse and our 13 year-old son 🤔

After watching 'The Social Dilemma' with him today, we had a chat about Instagram, Twitter, etc.

He asked what I use and I told him more about Mastodon and federated servers (he knows some of this due to me PM'ing @moodlenet)

My question is whether, based in the UK, there are any instances he can join? Mastodon.social, for instance, says users have to be 16 years old because of GDPR...

Thanks for the replies! Particularly interested in those suggesting we set up our own instance! 👍

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@dajbelshaw self hosted is like building your own club house so to speak. With something like freedombone.net you could do it on cheap hardware tied to your home IP address. Or have multiple, for the sports team, the class etc.

@dajbelshaw @ton @bonfire I used to talk about OwnCloud for this sort of thing, but when I just checked their web page owncloud.com/pricing/ I see they're offering only the basic version for free, with subscriptions for additional features - this is an increasingly common model for 'free' software - there's a danger of the same thing happening to Freedombone and Bonfire as well, no?



And to address your concern, we're thinking to try a sustainably model where you can pay for convenience (in the form of optional cloud services and preconfigured hardware) but everything is FLOSS so you can self-host and DIY without loosing out on any functionality.

@dajbelshaw @ton

@bonfire @Downes @dajbelshaw @ton
Specifically, OwnCloud went after (and got) venture capital. This led to OwnCloud being what it is and it's also the origin story for NextCloud

That's a worst case scenario, though. The more interesting story would be the experiences and motivations of the team and the organizational principles involved...

> optional cloud services and preconfigured hardware
This is a fascinating bundling. Coud draw a lot of participation from those who, like me, devoutly resist the burden of sys admin.
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